India Ratnagiri - Heart and Graft Coffee (price per 100g)

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Toffee Apple, Nougat, Black Pepper

Roasted in Manchester by Heart and Graft, these India coffee beans are full bodied from a stunning estate in the South of India.

Soft toffee apple acidity combined with syrupy body and sweetness and gentle background notes of black pepper make this one an absolute comfort coffee, ideal for when the nights draw in and the weather is getting chilly! The body of this coffee is immense. It almost feels like drinking cocoa, with the viscosity of the brew so dense a few of us thought one of us had slipped some syrup into the cups!



Dose: 16g
Yield: 38ml
Time: 28s


FILTER – French Press

Dose: 40g
Yield: 500ml
Time: 5:00

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