All about Zero Waste Shopping

This kind of shopping might be different to what you're used to, but fear not- we're here to help...

A zero waste shop is somewhere you can go to buy things you'd normally find in a supermarket just without all the plastic packaging. Buy as much or as little as you'd like and save some pennies along the way!

Please don't be! None of us are perfect and we're all learning together. We're a friendly bunch and welcome people to come in for a nosy to suss things out and we're always on hand if you'd like us to help- you can even relax and have a coffee while we do your shopping!

We love surprising people at the till as customers are often pleased to hear just how reasonable our prices are. This was one of our primary goals to ensure this kind of shopping is as accessible as possible. Even things that may cost a little more initially, such as a reusable razor, save you so money over time.

You are very welcome to bring your own containers but you don't need to. Some people bring take away boxes, jars, any empties but if you don't have a container we have paper bags and home compostable bags you can use, as well as sanitised jar donations and jars you can buy.

We are committed to providing excellent standards and have been received the highest hygiene standards and fully comply with the law. We have rigorous cleaning protocols, all surfaces and equipment are regularly sanitised and strict food safety practices are implemented to reduce the risk of contamination. Please see our allergy policy for more information.

We love welcoming new customers to our store and we're always on hand to help. Please feel free to come along to our shop in Urmston to have a look around and we can help get you started if you'd like to give something a try. Alternatively you can shop online and book a slot at the check out when you'd like to collect your shopping. Online orders will be packaged in paper bags or home compostable packaging unless otherwise started.

We're dedicated to providing excellent customer service along with great products. If ever there is anything you would like to return for whatever reason please don't hesitate to drop by or contact us on at goodness.zerowaste@gmail.com or via facebook/instagram message.

If your question still hasn't been answered, feel free to get in touch at  hello@goodnesszerowaste.com

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