Decaf - Heart and Graft Coffee (price per 100g)

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Heart and Graft came across this coffee slightly by chance and thought, that's just a tasty tasty decaff! From the Nensebo washing station in Sidamo it has all the deliciousness and qualities you would expect of a great washed Ethiopian coffee, obviously minus the caffeine!

On espresso this one shines through like a bright little diamond. Big hits of limoncello and raspberry cut across the palate in swathes. A hint of caramel sweetness in the finish and a lovely light florality tie this one together nicely. They use the recipe below on espresso:

18g in: 40g out: Brewed in 32-35 seconds.

On filter this one is very similar in profile and taste to the espresso. The lemony rindy limoncello note kicks through still and the raspberry is a softer more ripe note. There's the lightest dusting of cocoa on the palate and the finish has a lovely soft floral elegance. They use the recipe below on their sage precision brewer gold setting:

66g/Litre of water, pour into a warmed mug! Enjoy!
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