D&D Peanut Dark Chocolate Beans (price per 100g)

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Peanut Dark Chocolate Beans
Cheeky, nutty, and sweet - we bring you delicious roasted peanuts enrobed in a 58% dark chocolate, all wrapped up in a cheeky sugar shell. 
Made from ethically sourced FairTrade cocoa and no nasties, plus not a drop of palm oil or dairy in sight, this is the dream snack for you.
Ingredients: Sugar, Roasted peanuts, Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Glucose syrup, Rice starch, Glazing agents (Gum arabic, Carnauba wax), Emulsifier (Soya lecithin), Plant and Vegetable concentrate (radish, sweet potato, spirulina), Vanilla extract, Colour (curcumin).
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