Bain & Savon- 10ml vegan cake Mascara

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Solid or Cake mascara is a terrific product that can be used as a lash color, eyeliner and eyebrow filler. It is easy to apply and leaves your lashes soft and natural looking. It goes on smoothly and doesn't clump or flake. You really have complete control with it as far as how much volume you have, I put about 4-5 coats on, just let it dry completely between coats. It keeps your lashes soft and natural looking.

Perfect for people with sensitive eyes. Also tried and tested on people with other allergies like gluten intolerance.

To apply,  moisten the brush, DO NOT ADD WATER TO THE CAKE IT WILL NOT MIX. Roll the brush back and forwards along the cake and  apply to your lashes lashes. Apply as many coats as required for your look,.

It doesn't come with a mascara wand, because you can save one from an old tube of mascara to re-use, just clean it by washing in warm soapy water and drying on a lint free cloth.



Almond wax, Castor oil, Kaolin clay, Black/Brown Iron oxide.

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