Honduras - Heart and Graft Coffee (price per 100g)

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India - Heart and Graft Coffee (price per 100g)

India - Heart and Graft Coffee (price per 100g)

This coffee is wonderfully complex, packed with a multi layered tropical juicy fruit acidity, with a jammy sweetness delivering all that flavour on a bed of luscious mouthfeel. That magical combination of sweetness, fruity complexity and mouthfeel that enhances flavour. On filter, there is all that pineapple and pomegranate, with the mouthfeel carrying a hazelnut and caramel tone.

It's a wonderful espresso. It makes one of the best 4/6 oz long blacks! No more than 5/6 oz milk on a big double of this (19g / 30-30secs / 35-40g) but there is a fantastic vanilla and caramel tone to be had!

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