Take away drinks- Edible cups have arrived!

It is estimated that we throw away 1.6 billion disposable take away cups globally every single day!
Since opening we have offered take away hot drinks but have asked people to bring their own cup or we have offered a rent a mug scheme in an effort to avoid adding to the huge piles of landfill. However, we can't all expect to be prepared every day so we had to find a solution!
Introducing the edible wafer cup from Stroodles.. these wonderful vessels hold temperatures of 85 degrees for up to 40 minutes and you can then eat the cup once you've finished your delicious beverage of choice! Think an ice cream cone but for your hot chocolate!
Goodness Zero Waste has got to be up there for your go to pick me up coffee...

Our wonderful suppliers are all locally based in Manchester/ Cheshire providing the very best quality coffee (Heart & Graft), hot chocolate (Harry's) and tea (Teak Teas). We order our milk and Oato milk from the milk man which is supplied in returnable glass bottles by Creamline Diaries and now you can even eat your cup so you get a snack with your drink too!
Not everywhere can you select which beans you would like for your coffee, or choose from 5 hot chocolates and 10 teas.

And did we mention the whole team is barista trained by the best in the business - Heart & Graft.

Remember you can still bring your reusable cup, enjoy a delicious take away or sit in and help us avoid adding to that humongous landfill pile- thank you!