Night Hand Cream - Truly Artisan

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Handmade with love in Manchester by Bee Happy Hive, using the very best natural ingredients.

Keep a tin of this super moisturising hand cream by the bed and give your hard-working hands a treat before you grab some zzz's. Shea butter and hemp oil are the perfect combination for tired, dry hands. A soothing blend of lavender, cedarwood, and chamomile shall help to repair the skin and give you a relaxing aroma to get you ready for bed. Mindfully massaging your hands before bed can be very relaxing, try making it part of your bedtime routine.

  • softens and protects the skin
  • quickly absorbed
  • made with organic lavender, cedarwood, and chamomile essential oils
  • a little bit goes a long way

Directions: Massage this Night Time Hand Cream before bed and let it soak in whilst you sleep.

Active ingredients: Water, Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Cetearyl Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerine, St John's Wort Oil, Preservative. Lavender Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil. (The ingredients in italic are Soil Association grade organic)

Cruelty free!

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